We travel extensively covering events, globally, so we have created a FAQ page to help you plan your event in case you reach out while we are 30,000ft in the air.

1. Can we call you to discuss a discount for our event?

If your event is less than a week away then give us a try-you never know!? But, otherwise, our new website allows you to check availability and reserve your RUMOR booth online to lock it in for your event! Some guests reserve their RUMOR booths a year and a half in advance. If our booths seem expensive chances are you haven’t seen our booths in action or you are comparing our booths to the thousands of forgettable booths out there (cute photo strip prints that don’t get saved, bad lighting, bad props, etc). There is only one other booth like ours and it is MirMir. They start at $2,750, they give you one print per grouping (if a group of four takes a photo, they have to decide who gets the one print), they take photos very slowly and they don’t include any Sharing Stations allowing you to view, text and email your photos. We include two Sharing Stations, at least, because guests love sending, sharing and getting back in line to take more photos! Yes, there are tons of photobooths cheaper than ours. No, they are not at all like RUMOR booths. We are more than happy to discuss the details of your event and answer any questions. For those of you who want two booth experiences at your event, after January 1st we will also offer our SLO MO VIDEO Booth! If you book a Photobooth and a Video Booth you get a 25% discount on the Video Booth!

2. Why do say you are “better” than MirMir?

While we certainly think we are, it is our clients who tell us so. We take more photos, more quickly of your guests and they see, share and print them on multiple Sharing Stations (often 3 Sharing Stations) and select how many print copies they get. Your guests get still image and GIFS. Our photobooth operators are experienced, friendly, photographers. MirMir charges more and gives you less. Period. 

3. Do guests get prints?

They do! 4″x6″ prints! The photo strips are cute but they are lucky to make it to your fridge. Truth. Our photos end up in frames. They can be absolutely absurd/goofy/ridiculous and AMAZING. Timeless. Most clients choose to have B&W photos but the color photos are also awesome.

4. Are GIFS included?

They are! You photobooth photographer takes 3 still images (encouraging you to do something different with each shot) and a GIF (moving image/video) is made and sent to the Sharing Stations with the three still images. Guests can send themselves GIFS and still images. GIFS cannot be printed since they are a video. The still images can be printed of course.

5. Does the Photobooth do color and B&W photos?

It does but you probably want to choose one or the other and stick with that for you event.  Switching requires us to shut the booth down and restart it which stalls the flow of your event.

6. We love your booth but our event is not in LA or NYC, can you travel?

We can and we do-extensively! Depending on your event location, this involves travel and lodging for the photographer and the gear. We can quote more precisely once we have the details of your event.

7. We booked the booth for four hours but what if we want it longer? 

You can absolutely extend your booth time on site. Extra booth time is $250 per hour.