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June 2016

Want to know why the Kardashians are in LOVE with Photo Booths!?

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Few people, if any, are photographed as much as the Kardashians and they LOVE photobooths but not just ANY photo booths! In fact, there are only two in all the land that do what they love. They are RUMOR Photo Media’s Photo Booth and the MirMir Booth and they edit the photos on the spot making you look amazing! 

The RUMOR Photo Booth uses automatic editing which sees your face and

The RUMOR Photo Booth uses automatic editing which sees your face and “edits” you ever so slightly without turning your skin to plastic.

RUMOR and MirMir have several similarities and a couple significant differences. 

  • Both RUMOR and MirMir have a “magical” process which actually sees your face and edits it on the spot! Wrinkles are de-emphasized, blemishes are removed, teeth are whitened, etc. It’s magic! It’s not a filter making your photos look blurry. Your photos are tack sharp and taken with a professional camera housed in the booth. It’s the same quality as a magazine cover shoot. The first MAJOR DIFFERENCE is RUMOR dials back the editing ever so slightly so you look amazing but you still look human. In our opinion, the MirMir booth makes you look like a mannequin. We don’t mean the French word for model either. We mean the anonymous plastic form used in store windows to display clothing. It’s up to you though! We can show you degrees of editing and let you choose what you like best!
  • Both RUMOR and MirMir are “Red Carpet” style booths meaning you walk in front of them. No cramming into a small space. The other MAJOR DIFFERENCE is the Price. MirMir starts at $2,500 and RUMOR, which launched in December 2015, starts at $1,500 in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and $1,750 in NYC, for now, but the RUMOR is spreading…
  • Both use real cameras and a real studio light housed in the booth. Most photo booths, and certainly, the cheap ones, use iPads to take the photos and the image quality and experience is not at all the same.
  • Both have a “booth attendant/photographer” take the pictures and help your guests gets situated and have fun. No awkward touch screens and blinking count down timers.
  • Both RUMOR and MirMir allow guests to view their images, soon after taking them, on iPad Viewing Stations where guests can view, choose, share or print their awesome images on the spot!
  • Both print the images out as beautiful 4″x6″ prints. You are much more likely to impress with a real print and your guests are much more likely to keep and frame a real print rather than a photo strip.
  • Both booths are custom built. RUMOR photo booths are made from beautiful woods like mahogany and walnut and sit on a black still column and base making them elegantly modern but also yester-year in feel at the same time. MirMir booths also look good and are made from stamped metal.

There are tons of photo booths out there but most of them are forgettable experiences and produce forgettable images. If you want to impress your guests or the thousands of people who will see their images on social media then RUMOR has it! 

If you would like to read more about the Kardashians love of photo booths please click the link below!

“Nobody Loves a PhotoBooth Like the Kardashians”

by Elizabeth Kiefer/Refinery 29